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Our crossdress friendly partners are alliances and partnerships that help us advance the crossdressing lifestyle and advocacy for gaining mainstream acceptance of crossdressers. We proudly present our partners each of whom are strong supporters of Tri-Ess and the Crossdress Community. They all carry the same intent and passion to help this underserved segment of society.

CDT – CrossDress Travel 

The purpose of CDT is to provide safe and supportive travel spaces for crossdressers. The best venue for a crossdresser to go public is on a cruise. The same works for our females too. Total acceptance and respect on board, in the port areas and on cruise sponsored tours. CDT is designed for heterophilic males and their wives/GF's and loved ones. Landlubber crossdress vacations are also in the works. Let your femme self spread her wings!

CDRI – CrossDress Research Institute (A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit)

The purpose of CDRI is to conduct fundamental research into MTF crossdressers, their wives, and loved ones. The primary focus is to perform clinical CD surveys, as well as educational outreach in societies throughout the world. A major goal is to become the repository of crossdressing fact, truth, and study.

CrossDress Radio Network (CDRN) – Website

CDRN has become the Voice of Crossdressing. CDRN is focused on digging deeper into the subject matter of crossdressing. The network brings a large array of crossdress related interviews and subject matter that runs parallel with CDRI. Their broadcasting abilities offer a large platform for CDRI.

CrossDress Radio Network (CDRN) – YouTube Channel

CDRN has become the Voice of Crossdressing. The "Free to be She" podcast brings a large array of crossdress related interviews and subject matter that runs parallel with Tri-Ess.

Understanding the Feminine Crossdressing Experience

The Fox and The Phoenix Podcast

Savannah Hauk, author of the “Living with Crossdressing” book series, and Julie Rubenstein, co-founder and style consultant for, have joined forces to de-mystify, humanize, and celebrate the members and allies of the feminine crossdressing community.

Fox and Hanger

Julie Rubinstein: A cis-woman ally in the pursuit of a greater understanding and expression of the MTF crossdresser. She touches your female facet, understands "her" and assists you in expressing your fem potential. With Julie, the "she" in you can thrive.

Living with Crossdressing

Savannah Hauk: Savannah has dug deep to bring the reader a current and in-depth understanding of Crossdressing. Her book series is written for the male to female crossdresser, their wives and anyone who knows a crossdresser. Enlightenment will fill in the voids of your understanding and awareness. A masterpiece!

The Seahorse Society

Australia’s oldest secret crossdressing club. The goal of Seahorse is to bring cross-dressers together socially, provide a venue for members and their invited guests, give support to cross-dressers, their wives and loved ones, while striving to promote, and give a better understanding of cross dressing to society at large.

The Breast Form Store

The Breast Form Store has been a strong supporter of CDRI and CDRN. Their support goes beyond commercial and centers within their hearts.

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