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Tri-Ess Website Features and Usage Tips (Under Construction)

Welcome to our new website! It has been a labor of love and we have spent a great amount of effort to bring this to you. Like most new groundbreaking things, there probably are still some bugs to work out. If you encounter something not working, needs to be changed, or just have a general website question, please post your concerns in the forum below.

Remember, your Login ID is your email. Your password from the old website has been migrated over, so it has not changed. If you forget your password, just click “Forgot Password”, and an email will be sent to you with simple instructions to reset your password.

Profile Page

We encourage you to go to your Profile page. Once you are logged in, click on your name at the upper left. There is a lot you can add, modify, and keep private or make visible to other members (Privacy settings). Some will enjoy uploading their photo of choice, keep it respectful. If you like, you can upload an avatar (random image, emoji, or graphic). Another fun area of your Profile page is your member Photo Albums. There you can upload your favorite photos to share with your CD friends. Update them as you wish.

Some privacy settings may have under them “No access”. This means that only the Admins can access or see this info, NOT anyone else – this preserves your privacy.

Another fun area of your Profile page is your Member Photo Albums. There you can upload your favorite photos to share with your CD friends. Update them as you wish. Under the Edit on the Profile Page are other selections the third selection is Member Photo Albums. Click and select Add Album. Upload your photos. Use your photos to tell your story.

"About" Section

This area covers information about the Tri-Ess organization and its mission. You can navigate to pages in this section using the main drop down menu, or select from the options below:

"Chapters" section

This area covers information about Tri-Ess chapters. You can navigate to pages in this section using the main drop down menu, or select from the options below:

"Partners" section

This page covers information about our crossdress friendly partners are alliances and partnerships that help us advance the crossdressing lifestyle and advocacy for gaining mainstream acceptance of crossdressers. We proudly present our partners each of whom are strong supporters of Tri-Ess and the Crossdress Community. They all carry the same intent and passion to help this underserved segment of society.

"Members only" section

This section is viewable to Tri-Ess members only.

News and Issues Blog

Latest Tri-Ess news and current issues. Jane Ellen's Blog.

Tri-Ess Events

Events calendar and participation sign-up.

Member Forums

Covers crossdressing issues with an interactive questions/advice forum. Go to the Forums page and tell us about your favorite crossdressing subjects and experiences. You can comment, ask a question, or start a new topic of interest, and share with other CD’s as you make new friends. Please follow the rules of conduct, and always be kind and respectful (be a lady).

Member Directory

Search for, and connect with other members.

Publication Archives

The Mirror and future national newsletter archives.

Vids and Clips (CD Media)

The best crossdressing movie ever, and some great clips from television, talk shows and media.

how to register for an event

Select an event to attend.

Click on the "Register" button. The event will fill in your email address (which is also your user login). Click on the "Next" button.

Click on the "Confirm" button.

You are now registered, and will be contacted later with additional details.

"Donate" section

Tri-Ess is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Your tax deductible donations help with our mission of outreach, education and support.


Make direct donations to Tri-Ess.


Make donations from your estate.

"Join us" section

Membership in Tri-Ess has many benefits, including access to the members area of this website, which includes powerful new features. You can also change your type of membership on your Profile page.

"Contact" section

This is where you can access the Tri-Ess Information Request. It is mainly for curious non-member visitors to the website.


Much more will be added very soon. To start with, we will add a store where you can buy Tri-Ess paraphernalia, books and many items of interest.

More feature descriptions and tips to come soon...

Have a question about the website, or want to report a problem? 

Please post a comment in the forum below. Also, we'd love to hear any ideas you may have about how we can improve your website experience, including new features and options.

You must be an active registered member to use the website feedback forum, but others can reach out to us on our Contact page.



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